Andy McVey

A little about me….

Being an athlete my whole life I have always enjoyed competition. But like all people, you need to learn how to win and lose with grace. I have learned that when you create a solid base for yourself and start with the right intentions you always come out a winner. I love being around people and doing my best to learn from them. I’ve found that for whatever you are doing, if you have a map of what you are trying to accomplish, you will get there much quicker than if you are just trying to cross the creek and hope for the best. Here are a few things that I have picked up along the way.

Doing the right thing

Many of us are looking for something, anything to motivate ourselves. What we as individuals need to realize is that our happiness does not come from extrinsic goals being met. We need to find and set the intrinsic goals to accomplish what we consider to be success. I have found the best way to start this journey is through gratitude.

Enjoying your Life

Do what you like to do. What you do is who you are. Don’t hide from what makes you happy. Your actions define you. The people you keep in your company is a direct reflection of what you like. Be true to yourself and be happy through right motives. Holler.

Expand your Point of View

You know what you like. You know what you don’t like. Why keep putting things in your life you don’t want. Push yourself to higher standards. Get out of your comfort zone and meet somebody. Go to the rock gym, stay longer after a coed soccer game, enjoy the company of a friend longer than you normally would. Be open to the new ideas that come from listening.

Marketing your best traits

Show off who you are. Don’t worry about what they will think. If you don’t represent who you are, you will have to live that alter ego every time you interact with that person. Be true to yourself and your feelings. Pretending to be something or someone else just makes your life harder. People will respect you for being you, otherwise it’s not worth your time. And your time is what is most valuable.

Get the tools to Succeed

Starting a race without shoes is difficult. Know what tools are required for the job, attain those tools, and go to work. Working smarter not harder always pays off. Make the intelligent move, think of life as chess, always 3 moves ahead. The right tool makes everything easier. Create a map for yourself, your job, your goals and follow it. It’s easier to follow a map than draw the mountains as you are climbing them. Set yourself up for success and let it happen.


Do it. It’s always worth going on a road trip, and really, why not?…