California Kid

Many of you may know what the best attire is for Southen California. If you dont, let me inform you of what is the best way to fit in at a NASCAR race and daily wardrobe of an eleven to thirty eight year old. Flat billed ball caps and black tube socks. Hard to believe but this is what nearly all of the fans were wearing. Yes, black tube socks, whats up with that? The flat billed ball cap, practically unheard of for a regular american to wear on a daily basis unless you are involved in some X games type of sport, but apparentely So Cal is the mecca of this attire. Does this make So Cal an X games state? If yes, then I guess this is why we follow such fans as Shuan White and Jimmie Johnson, the national hero of most female NASCAR fans, but seriously what gives with the tube socks pulled high and flat bills? Is Cali so cool that the other forty nine states are just second place? Second to the tubes and flat bills, there are the mo hawks, tattoos, and goattees. Quite the statement in the land of movie stars and extreme athletes.
Now, I have been going to many a NASCAR race over the last two years and have seen my share of shaved heads with 8’s and other such parafanalia, but I have never seen such a desire to flaunt ones love of another athlete like I did this weekend. Jeff Gordon is from California and has quite the following and fan base down in So Cal. Upon seeing this individual I immediately told my counter parts and made sure we got a picture of this handsome man and his haircut. During the photograph that we were able to take with this man I inquired as to how much time he spent on this work of art. Replying without hesitation he told us that it took just under 2 and half hours including the dying of the hair, or whats left of it. So proudly we stood as his girlfriend snapped off a memory that I will have forever and now share with you….

Team Tylenol at California Speedway

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  1. Andysan says:

    Team Tylenols hoooooo!

  2. Richie McCaffrey says:

    yeeeeessssss!!!! haha can’t believe it took me this long to discover your page!! hope all is well brotha!

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